Hello everyone 👋🏻

This issue is slightly different from previous ones: it is the first in a series of issues in which I will write about an app that I am working on in more detail. If you follow me on Twitter (or have been a subscriber at least since issue #9), you will know that I started re-implementing Make It So. Make It So is a task list application, written in Swift. The idea behind this app is to see if it is possible to replicate Apple’s Reminders app using SwiftUI and Firebase.

And of course, the name is a nod to one of my favourite sci-fi series - Star Trek Next Generation.

When I first created MakeItSo in early 2020, SwiftUI was still really new, and some things just weren’t possible in SwiftUI. For example, SwiftUI didn’t have swipe actions, and it was impossible to manage input focus. SwiftUI has come a long way since then, and I felt it was time to pick the project back up again and see how close we can get this time.

Re-implementing this app will take some time (I’ve got some other obligations as well), and you can follow along as I implement the app and share my progress with you on Twitter, GitHub, and eventually on the Firebase YouTube channel.

I will also share some insights in this newsletter and on my blog - so make sure to subscribe if you haven’t done so already.

As always, I am keen to hear your feedback, so if you’ve got anything you’d like to share with me, just hit that reply button and let me know! Seriously - I do love hearing from you, don’t be shy!

Thanks for reading, Peter

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