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I've just returned from Swift Heroes 2024 in Turin, Italy.

This has been the third time I've spoken at this conference, and - as in previous years - its been a great experience. It was wonderful to meet many new people (and see familiar ones, too!), and I had many inspiring conversations with so many of you (I even talked to a criminologist!).

I can't recommend this conference more - thanks to the organisers for putting on a great event, and for being amazing hosts!

In addition to my workshop(*) "Make It So - Building a productivity app with SwiftUI and Firebase", I also gave a presentation about creating amazing slides. Titled "One more thing - How to create insanely great slides using Keynote", this was the first time I was able to go on stage with my slides actually not being finished yet - as I used my slide deck to show the audience live on stage how to use Keynote and its tools.

(*) BTW, if you weren't able to make it to the workshop, I created an interactive DocC tutorial that you can go through in your own time - it's in the tutorials section on my blog.




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