Hello everyone!

This week was super busy - I was a guest on Leo G Dion’s Empower Apps podcast, Firebase Summit took place, I finished editing a screencast about Getting Started with Firebase Auth on the web, and even found some time to continue working on Make It So (Apple’s Reminder app, replicated using just SwiftUI and Firebase).

Next week I will participate in Firebase Hackweek, an internal event in which people from different teams across Firebase get together to work on stuff they don’t normally find time for. Curious what I’ll be working on? Check out this podcast, in which I briefly talk about my hackweek project.

As busy I might be, I always love hearing from you! Ping me on Twitter (either in public or via DM), send me an email, or buy me a coffee. And if you like this newsletter, forward it to a friend!

Thanks for reading,

Peter 🥑  

What I am working on