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It’s Firebase Hackweek: everyone on the Firebase team gets to work on something they don’t usually work on, and at the end of the week, we have an internal presentation to demonstrate what we’ve achieved. Some of these projects are purely internal, but some of them might actually be launched as public features (after receiving some polish, code review, and a proper launch process), so who knows - maybe you will be able to use what @mbleigh and I have been working on this week in the not-too-distant future! It’s something a lot of people have asked us for - that much I can tell you!

If you want to venture a guess, you can always send me an email, or DM me on Twitter (my DMs are open).

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It’s quite impressive to see the build times cut in half on an M1-based Mac. The good news for those of us who might not upgrade to a new machine just yet is that the incremental build times aren’t too bad.: 10.5 seconds on a MacMini vs. 5.5 seconds on an M1 Max. Ten seconds are just enough time to take a sip of tea or coffee, and as we all know, it’s important to stay hydrated 💧

Image courtesy @codeslice