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This week, I’ve got a couple of exciting posts for you: Apple has made async/await available for iOS version 13 and up, the first M1 Pro/Max MacBooks have been sighted in the wild (and people are raving about their performance), the Firebase team is shipping more content in the ramp down to Firebase Summit, and - I’ve started working on a new content series about SwiftUI and Firebase!

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The Swift team has outdone themselves and shipped support for back-deployment of Swift Concurrency (i.e. async/await, actors, global actors, structured concurrency, and the task API) for apps that run on macOS 10.15, iOS 13, tvOS 13, and watchOS 6 or newer. This is available in Xcode 13.2 (see the release notes).

This means there are no more excuses for not getting your feet wet with this new way of writing asynchronous code. If you’re just getting started, check out my quick guide to all the relevant WWDC sessions.

The development team is looking for feedback - so give this a try, and let them know if you run into any issues. Here’s Doug Gregor with more details

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