As expected, Apple unveiled their take on AI, calling it Apple Intelligence. It seemed like a bunch of people were disappointed with what Apple delivered, and while it's certainly a bit disappointing that the initial beta seeds doesn't include Apple Intelligence in Siri, I encourage you to read the blog post ("Introducing Apple’s On-Device and Server Foundation Models") they published on their Machine Learning Research blog - it provides a lot of background that wasn't part of the keynote, and it might change your mind.

I've included a bunch of other AI-related links in this issue, as well as a couple of helpful links to help you plan your post-WWDC viewing / reading schedule.

This week, I will be in Berlin for I/O Connect, and together with my colleagues Seba and Aashish, I will talk about Firebase Data Connect, how it allows you to use SQL in your Firebase apps, and how to use it to build AI-enabled apps. If you are at I/O Connect in Berlin, come and say hi - I'd love to meet some of my readers IRL.

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