The past couple of months leading up to Cloud Next and Google I/O have been super busy for me - I worked with several of our teams to bring you some of our exciting launches, such as:

  1. Vector similarity search for Firestore (docs, codelab)
  2. Securely call Gemini using the Vertex AI for Firebase SDK (docs, blog)
  3. Build powerful AI workflow with Genkit, our AI integration framework (blog, docs, video)

And there is more... For example, we're still busy finishing work on the Swift SDK for Firebase Data Connect - if you're attending I/O Connect in Berlin (June 27th), make sure to come to our workshop "Introduce generative AI into your app with Firebase Data Connect and Vertex AI" to see how we use Firebase Data Connect and Vertex AI to create a movie tracking app.

Oh, and of course, there will be more videos... So let me get back to editing them :-)





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