Vision Pro has been launched just slightly over a week ago, and there is no escaping from the fact that people are enjoying this new platform.

While some use cases look pretty stunning (such as interacting with architectural models or analysing MRT scans), I am pretty sure the product managers at Apple might be a bit nervous about some of the videos people share: it doesn’t seem to be a very safe idea to use Vision Pro for skiing, for example - it’s not a safety device after all!

On the other hand, using it to make flying in economy class more bearable seems to be a good economic choice.

Also, if you're importing Vision Pro, please don't forget to declare it, or it might get confiscated. Or, you could just, you know - wait until it ships in your country.




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Vision Pro use cases

The Vision Pro has been launched just over a week ago, and in the past couple of days, people have been excited to try out the new platform and explore all sorts of use cases for it.

Here are some use cases I found remarkable:


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