My Twitter feed is full of excited people picking up their Vision Pro devices at Apple stores, and without exception, they seem to be genuinely thrilled by the capabilities of the device and the new platform. The App Store is full of new apps for visionOS, and it seems like a significant portion of the more than 600 new apps that Apple claims were made specifically for the new platform are Indie apps.

In this episode, I've collected a bunch of reviews about the Vision Pro and a few lists of apps for visionOS so you can get an overview of the launch of this new platform.

Is this the start of a completely new way how we do computing? I think it's too early to tell. The device as it is available today is only the first iteration, and I am sure we will see more efficient, lightweight, and powerful versions of it in the next couple of years. Apple and Tim Cook seem to be convinced this is the next big thing, and they will make sure their investment pays off.

Now that the devices is in more people's hands (or rather on their heads), we will see more apps that make better use of the capabilities of the device and that will explore what having a passthrough vision computer on your face means.

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Vision Pro Reviews

For those of us who haven't yet gotten a Vision Pro (or those who are suffering from choice-supportive bias), here are some reviews:

No time to read or watch them all? No worries - Om Malik has you covered - check out his meta review: Apple’s Vision Pro -The Meta-Review

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List(s) of apps for the Vision Pro

For those of you who got a Vision Pro on day one and are looking for some apps to try out on their shiny new device, here are two lists of apps made for the Vision Pro:

These are also a great source of inspiration for everyone who didn't get a device and is trying to figure out if it's worth building for this new platform.

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