I've just returned from two weeks of travel to London, Frankfurt, and Berlin for recording videos and meeting with Firebase customers. The goal was to hear from them how they use Firebase, and learn about the challenges they face when using Firebase. If you have feedback for Firebase, there are a couple of ways to share it:

  • File an issue on one of our GitHub issue trackers. The teams are closely monitoring these, and usually reply within a couple of hours.
  • For feature requests, you can use Firebase Uservoice - this is monitored by the Firebase product managers.
  • For questions, use StackOverflow - we monitor this closely, too - and the wider community also chimes in with great answers.
  • You can also ask on social media and tag Firebasers, but the other avenues obviously are more scalable.

Next week, I will be speaking about Firebase, Gemini, SwiftUI, and Siri at Code Days 2024 in Munich - if you see me, come say hi!

Last week, I called you to send in your suggestions for the new Hidden Gems category, and - boy, did you deliver! Thanks for all the submissions! Some of them actually already were on my regular list of links to include in this issue, so they will appear outside of the Hidden Gems category.

Keep them coming (via this form:, and please let me know how you like the new category (just hit reply and write me an email - I read all your emails, and try to reply to every one of them!


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