Last week, I linked to an article that makes the case for attending conferences. In this issue, I've included a link to a video by the amazing Saroush in which he talks about elevators and Swift. This is the kind of content that lives from a live audience and sparks great discussions among participants.

This isn't to say that YouTube videos don't inspire discussion - they do, but it's mostly a unidirectional conversation between a more (or sometimes less) friendly audience and the content creator. At a conference, people get together to exchange ideas - really, the talks are just there to inspire that exchange.

In other news, it seems like AI will finally come to the IDE we all love (and hate, at times) - Xcode. I've been using AI to help me write and analyse code a lot these past months, and I can't wait to be able to use this for my Swift code (I know, I know - you can always use VS Code with the Swift Extension, but I have to admit that Xcode has grown on me over all those years).

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