It is great to see that in-person conferences are back - but why did everyone think it's a good idea to run them all in April and May...?

From what I've seen on Twitter and Mastodon and the various CfP sites, things are shaping up to look great, and people attending those conferences are in for some really great talks and workshops. Speaking of which, many CfPs are still open, so why don't you make good on that New Year's resolution and submit a talk?

If you've lost track of all the great talk ideas you had for all those conferences, I've got good news for you - Oliver Binns has made it a point to not only speak at a conference, but has also started to build an app to help track talks and submissions. I have a feeling some of his own talks might cover stuff he's discovered while building this app...

Oh, did I mention that my book will be published soon? I've just signed off the final proof, and the publisher has told me it will be on (electronic) shelves near you in the next couple of days. You can pre-order it on Amazon,, Barnes and Nobles, and your local book store, too.

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