This week, iOS Conf SG is taking place in Singapore, and it seems everyone is having a great time.

I was particularly heartened by a tweet in which the organisers shared that close to 50% of their speakers are women. More diverse speaker line-ups lead to more diverse ideas being shared, and generally make conferences more compelling for a more diverse audience. Someone mentioned in the comments that the core organising team are more than 50% women, and I wouldn't be surprised if the percentage of women in the audience was higher than the usual average: more diversity drives diversity. I think everybody wins, and look forward to seeing more conferences following this example.

Now, it bears keeping in mind that gender and gender identity aren't the only dimensions of diversity, so there is definitely more work to do for all of us.

If you weren't able to go, don't fret - I've got some great links for you in this issue! One of them is about a topic that Danijela will present at iOS Conf SG this week - so it's almost as if you were there.

When Apple released SwiftUI, everybody was blown away by the rapid turn-around times it gave developers. SwiftUI previews cut short the time between making a change and seeing it on screen - almost instantly. However, as time went by and we all started building more and more complex views and apps with SwiftUI, it seems like SwiftUI previews have gotten slower and more fragile - even on super fast machines. In this issue, I bring you two links in which Daniel and Ibrahim show some strategies for dealing with this, and no - they both don't involve buying an M1 Max (sorry, Vincent!)

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