I hope you've been able to disconnect from work and relax for a couple of days.

In case you'd like to extend the festive spirits a little bit longer, this issue of Not Only Swift brings you just what you need - the annual Firebase Holiday video! This year, we collected some of our most hilarious bloopers, including an assault on my MacBook!

But the other topics in this issue are noteworthy as well: you will learn about multi-factor auth and blocking functions in Firebase Authentication, we cover some creative uses of Markdown (and learn how to be more efficient at creating tables in Markdown), and there also is some SwiftUI: how would you like some festive sparkle for your SwiftUI views, for example? Or would you rather prefer perusing the source code for a new Mastodon client, entirely written in Swift and SwiftUI? Well, we've got both!

Thanks to everyone who replied last time when I asked what are some of the missing features in Firebase - it's great to hear from you, and I learned a lot from your feedback. So please keep it coming!

Thanks for being a subscriber!

Peter ❤️‍🔥  




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