As I am reviewing the links I've selected for this newsletter, I can't help but notice that developer experience is at the heart of many of them.

Developer experience (or DX / DevX for short), refers to the overall user experience of the software, tools, and platforms we use to create software. Things like ease of use, performance, reliability, and (!) documentation, are all factors of what makes good DX. Not to forget aspects like support and community resources.

We all know that good UX is important for how efficient users can interact with a software system, and the same goes for the tools we use on a daily basis.

I am still shocked by JetBrains' announcement to sunset AppCode - it had many features that increased the DX of writing Swift code, and I can only hope that Apple continues investing in Xcode (in particular its refactoring tools). By eliminating barriers and making things easier than they used to be, tool vendors can help their users become dramatically more productive.

SwiftUI is a great example. Building even elaborate UIs is so much easier in SwiftUI than it used to be in UIKit (just try building a simple UITableView in UIKit and compare it to the same List view in SwiftUI). Not only has Apple increased the productivity of app developers on their platforms by several factors - they've also made developing on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS much more approachable for everyone

Good developer experience is essential for the success of every ecosystem, and I hope that Apple adds some of AppCode's most loved features to Xcode. It is about time.

As always, I love hearing from you, so why don't you hit that reply button in your email app and tell me what you're missing most in Xcode or Firebase?

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