As I mentioned last week, I will be at a couple of meet-ups and DevFests this week, and as a service to anyone who is busy working on their slide decks, I've included two links that might help you build more beautiful (code) slides with less effort. I have been using the same approach as Vincent for years (as you might know if you've seen any of my presentations), and couldn't be happier.

Speaking of which: in one of my talks ("How I used Siri, PaLM, LangChain, and Firebase to create an Exobrain"), I demonstrate how to create a personal knowledge management tool using SwiftUI, Firebase, PaLM, and CloudSQL / pgvector.

Obviously, I built the frontend of the app using Swift and SwiftUI. Now, one of the drawbacks of this approach is that Android developers are left out. So - what if I could build Android / Jetpack Compose apps using SwiftUI? In this issue, I discuss a tool that promises to do exactly that - write once, and run everywhere.

What are your experiences with cross-platform tools, and which approach would you recommend?