After everybody got excited about Microsoft's AI-enhanced Bing search last week, the news this week look a little bit more nuanced. It's not the first time people perceived chat bots to be behaving in human-like ways, and it is worth keeping in mind how LLMs work. In this issue, I've got a deep dive into how ChatGPT and other LLMs work by none other than Steven Wolfram. It's a long read for a lazy afternoon with a good cup of tea.

In other news, Apple shipped another minor release of iOS and Xcode to beta (do yourself a favour and use the excellent Xcodes app for downloading), and the Xcode release notes contain a number of really exciting news.

I am willing to go on a limb and predict that Apple is going to make SwiftUI completely back-portable with the next major release. I wrote about back-deploying before in my blog post about SwiftUI List Bindings, in which I describe how the SwiftUI team used @_alwaysEmitIntoClient to make new APIs available to earlier versions of the runtime. The fact that they're now adding a non-underscored attribute (@backDeployed(before:)) tells me they're serious about making it possible to back-deploy new APIs to older runtimes. Check out the code sample in the release notes to see how this works.

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