Do you have déjà vus?

Today's issue contains two articles that cover a topic that I already included in the previous issue. One reaction to that might be to say "why did the author decide to write about a topic that has been covered before", and I have to admit that was my initial reaction, too.

However, different people have different perspectives with which they look at any given topic. In this specific case, the authors chose different approaches for exposing the inner state of a SwiftUI component (something I covered in my video series about Building Reusable SwiftUI Components).

I really enjoyed reading both articles, and thinking through the implications of the different approaches. It even inspired me to think about putting together a list of SwiftUI patterns.

So if you ever find yourself thinking "surely someone else has covered this topic before", don't let this thought keep you from creating a video, talk, article, or library about this topic. You will bring your own perspective to the table, and there will be enough people who will benefit from your creation. Maybe it's your unique way of writing that will make it easier for them to understand a complicated topic. Or your wit that makes them remember a particular concept in your video. Or your enthusiasm that helps them relate to some little know aspect of an API in your talk.

No matter what you do - bring yourself and your unique perspective - and all else will follow.

Peter 🔥  


Software Engineering