Hi everyone!

In this issue of Not only Swift, I've got a broad variety of topics for you, ranging from actor isolation, to SwiftUI debugging techniques, the first alternative App Store to go live that I am personally interested in, some key AI concepts, a new CfP, and some delicious UI elements!

Looking at my submission form for the Hidden Gems category, I get the impression I am doing an extremely good job at digging out cool stuff that you didn't know about - there is no other explanation for the fact that you're not submitting any Hidden Gems, no? Well, I am obviously joking, so please don't hesitate to submit any cool links to articles, videos, SDKs, presentations, podcasts that you love and would like to share with the community. Here is the submission form:

I am currently in Berlin for a couple of weeks, and would like to connect to the local iOS / Swift community. If you'd like to meet up for coffee (or lunch at the Google office), drop me a line - either here (by replying to this email), or on Twitter, Mastodon, Threads, or LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading!

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