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Do you write perfect code? Me neither.

Developers tend to spend a good chunk of their time debugging (depending which research you look at, this number is anything between 25-50% of their time per year).

Anything we can do to make debugging our apps more efficient is time and effort invested wisely. In this episode of Not only Swift, we will look at a couple of ways how the debugging process can be improved and made more enjoyable overall.

Some of the languages and IDEs I've used in the past even supported stepping backwards (which raises all sorts of questions about how you preserve the state of the program execution to make this even possible), but short of that, stepping over and skipping lines is the next best kind of debugger magic, and in this episode, I've included an article that teaches you how to do this.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles in this episode of "Not only Swift". If you do, share the newsletter with a friend. And if you don't, let me know, so I can improve!

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