The past couple of weeks have been quite hectic, with a lot of conferences and even more exciting new releases (among other things, I wrote and shipped the Swift SDK for PaLM). I am looking forward to the next few weeks, when I will have plenty of time to try out all of the new APIs and features that Google and Apple have released at their flagship events.

I had the chance to catch up with Morten and Flo in Amsterdam at Google I/O Connect. We discussed that WWDC week is pretty intense and can easily make you feel that you absolutely need to watch all the videos, try all the samples, and create as much content as possible. It sometimes feels like we're all in a WWDC-induced frenzy... So it's worth keeping in mind that you've got more than enough time to digest the new material, try out new APIs, and start adding it to your apps before most users can use it on their devices.

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