I am writing this intro on my way back from Swift Heroes 2023 in Turin. This is the second time I've been at this conference, and I really enjoyed the experience.

The conference is organised very professionally, and Lucy, Stefano, and Mario did a fantastic job at MCing this two-day, two-track conference. The speaker lineup was really great, too - for a glimpse of the talks, check out this thread. A big shoutout to the program committee who selected the talks from all the submissions!

All of the talks I attended had great content, and were brilliantly delivered by speakers who clearly knew their stuff. Two talks really stood out to me:

I've been told that the recordings of the videos will be on YouTube in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can check out last year's videos on the Swift Heroes 2022 playlist

On top of all this, Turin is a wonderful, very beautiful city, worth visiting in its on right, and I thoroughly enjoyed the nice weather after the long and gray winter in Hamburg.

Now, on to the next conference(s): Appdevcon in Amsterdam, plSwift in Warsaw, and I/O Connect in Amsterdam. If you spot me, say hi!

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