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I had the opportunity to attend Apple’s A conversation with SwiftUI Engineering session this week (at an EMEA-friendly time!), and took away some new insights. The session had two lightning talks about What’s new in SwiftUI since the last beta and What happens when you file feedback. The majority of the session was reserved for Q&A, with the SwiftUI team taking live questions that attendees could ask via the text chat.

For me, the most helpful part was the Q&A session, partly because the team provided some great answers to the audience’s questions, but also because it was a great opportunity to sneak in a couple of feature requests and process improvements thinly disguised as questions.

The presentation about how Apple’s Feedback system works didn’t reveal any groundbreaking new insights, but it was helpful to see that your feedback is indeed routed to the respective teams (sometimes in aggregate form), and is being read by the team members. My only suggestion for Apple would be to add a flag to indicate that a Feedback has been read / seen by someone. This way it’d feel less like a black hole ;-)

BTW, one of my questions was, “are there any plans to open source SwiftUI?” (given Swift itself is open source, and the process seems to be beneficial both for Apple and the community). Needless to say, this question wasn’t answered. But I am pretty sure the team saw it :-)

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